Why Natural Energy

For more than 40 years, Natural Energy USA has been designing and installing solar systems that can withstand the unique Southern California climate. We only use materials that will make your system produce maximum amount of energy, for the longest possible time.
Why Natural Energy - solar panels on roof top

Reputation and Experience

  • Put 39 years of experience to work for you
  • Over 30,000 Solar Energy customer
  • Positive Reviews & Client Testimonials
  • Registered, Family-Owned & Operated Solar Contractor
  • We Are Involved In The Entire Process: Planning, Financing, Design & Installation

Certified and Accredited

  • NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) Certified PV Installer
  • Grid-Tied Photovoltaics Certified Installer
  • Advanced Photovoltaics:  Design & NEC Compliance (Solar Energy International)
Why Natural Energy - solar panels on roof top
Why Natural Energy - solar panels on roof top

 Solar Financing Experts

  • Tesla Powerwall Authorized Partner
  • Flexible Finance Options With Great Terms
  • Natural Energy Will Make Sure You Get All The Rebates & Incentives Available To You

Natural Energy USA

Working with renewable energy today means the combination of quality of life, progress, environment and innovation. Renewable energy, in fact, represents the real challenge of modernity, since this is the real socio-economic progress while protecting the environment. Thanks to the technologies available nowadays, we can reverse the path that is leading to the energy crisis.


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Telephone: 1-800-868-1209

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Email: info@naturalenergyusa.com