Natural Energy Solar was founded by Ted Mount in 1977. Ted Mount was born and raised in San Diego, California. After graduation he started working for a solar company, and soon he realized the importance and the potential of renewable energy for the consumer marketplace. A few months after, Ted founded Natural Energy and he began his commitment to educate and implement the use of solar energy in Western USA.  Ted’s legacy is a history of quality, innovation, and passion for our customers well being. We have been designing, installing, and maintaining solar systems for over 37 years and we have over 33,000 customers.  We specialize in commercial, residential and specialty solar energy applications.

Natural Energy Solar promote the use of solar energy to increase our nation’s independence from foreign energy, improve our environment and to benefit the customer.

Working with renewable energy today means the combination of quality of life, progress, environment and innovation. Renewable energy, in fact, represents the real challenge of modernity, since this is the real socio-economic progress while protecting the environment. Thanks to the technologies available nowadays, we can reverse the path that is leading to the energy crisis.


Is to promote Natural Energy in an ethical and professional manner that will ensure the continued growth of the company. We will provide positive, professional and courteous customer service to all clients and potential customers.


We present about us on the market as having some of the characteristics that we consider fundamental and essential in business relationships: professionalism, quality, availability and cost savings.


In terms of quality we do not compromise: we consider suitable only the finest materials, the latest technology and the best employees. The high standards of quality at the basis of our products provide maximum value and efficiency. The energy yields higher than average and the long life of our systems are the result of our strict quality criteria. In this way, we want to ensure the investment of our customers in the long term and maximize profitability. So our customers take advantage of all the benefits of solar power. Today and in the future.


We have enjoyed a steady growth in our business numbers, winning the challenge of today’s market, thru research and development of those who are the most functional forms, and at the same time more cost-effective way to use solar energy.

We offer several financial solutions that make install a solar system an affordable investment.


We have over 37 years of experience in this industry, we have done more solar installations in San Diego than every local companies combined!


I had a great experience with Natural Energy USA. The pricing, service and workmanship was unmatched. My neighbors paid much more and it took them three weeks longer to get their system installed. Thanks Ted!

Wendy R

"Natural Energy came out to fix my pool solar. The appointment was for Friday but they were able to come earlier, on Monday, so they called to let me know about the schedule change. They also called 30 minutes prior to coming per my request since I needed to meet them at my rental property. They were quick and efficient."

-Wendy R

Ocean Side

John S

"I have had a Solar power generating system from Natural Energy for about 3 years. I have been very happy with the system and have added additional panels to increase the performance above what was already more than satisfactory. Dave Baca is the representative I have always dealt with and I could not be more impressed with his honest, straight forward approach. He always supplies the facts and let's me make the decision - no pressure. You can't go wrong in dealing with Dave and Natural Energy."

-John S.

Ramona, CA

Shannon S

"I have an older solar panel system that has begun leaking. Arturo has been my technician each time and has been awesome. He is honest and thorough. I know my system will be up and running quickly. It's hard to find people who are willing to work hard these days."

-Shannon S.


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