Natural Energy Since 1977

A Premium Solar Company Service

Natural Energy Solar promote the use of solar energy to increase our nation’s independence from foreign energy, improve our environment and to benefit the customer. Our Goal is to promote Natural Energy in an ethical and professional manner that will ensure the continued growth of the company. We will provide positive, professional and courteous customer service to all clients and potential customers.

Turn your home into a money saving machine


Natural energy offers a variety of high-quality solar products. Solar Electric Photovoltaic “PV” – Stay cool this Summer without burning your wallet. The Technology that converts light into electricity! We use nothing but the best!

Commercial Solar

You’ve heard about the Greatest Solar Deal Under the Sun, Now it’s Available for Small Business and Building Owners! Natural Energy USA Could Save You Thousands!

Why Natural Energy

Natural Energy Solar was founded by Ted Mount in 1977. Ted Mount was born and raised in San Diego, California. After graduation he started working for a solar company, and soon he realized the importance and the potential of renewable energy for the marketplace.


” I had a great experience with Natural Energy USA. The pricing, service and workmanship was unmatched. My neighbors paid much more and it took them three weeks longer to get their system installed. Thanks Ted!

Steve Sanders

San Diego, CA


What They Don’t Want You To Know

We decided to let you in on a secret most contractor’s wouldn’t want you to know or to think about in the way we are presenting this information. We care about the public and we want them to make informed purchasing decisions that they will not regret later. Being informed is power and we want to give you that power. So here it is a little known secret, that may be common sense to some and yet might be very useful information to others.

Solar Electric For Home

We design and install solar power systems.
Natural Energy provides a wide range of renewable energy services designed to help you get the most out of your energy source — from installing a complete solar power system to optimizing your home’s energy efficiency. The installation crew was very professional and knowledgeable. We’re enjoying watching our meter spin backwards… Great job from start to finish!